Divorce can happen for a huge range of reasons, and every couple is a little bit different. In most cases, though, dissolving a marriage is – to some degree – the “fault” of both members of the relationship. You both contribute to the climate of the marriage that leads to divorce… But sometimes one party

Do you consider yourself unhappy? A term like “unhappiness” is broad… We know what it feels like, but do we always know why? Or, to take it even further – when we think we know the cause of our unhappiness, how often are we 100% correct? In many cases, unhappiness seems bigger than one single

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If you’ve been having some trouble in your marriage lately, especially if the problems seem relatively new, it’s absolutely critical that you don’t panic – and accidentally make the issues worse than they already are. Couples can experience problems for any number of reasons, but when those problems first arise, it can be jarring. One

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When people are facing trying times in their marriages, they may consider the idea of temporary separation. They might feel like they need some space, that they need to get away from behavior that’s making them upset, or that they simply need a break from the marriage to collect their thoughts and emotions.

Here’s the next video in our blog series “Dr. Dana Answers Your Questions.” This week’s question is “Can a marriage be saved if only one of us doesn’t want a divorce/separation and is the only one willing to work at it to save it?” Get Free Marriage Help Today Please comment below the video to

While it’s important to remember that we are all unique individuals, with our own quirks and qualities, our own good and bad habits, and our own unique experiences, we can also accept the fact that some behaviors and problems are particularly common among genders. Men tend to have one set of habits and hang ups, and women tend to have another.

So much of the information we present here on this blog – and in our system, videos, newsletter, etc. – is focused on ways to improve your marriage and strengthen the relationship you have with your spouse. We talk about working on communication, having better sex, finding ways to avoid arguments about money or household responsibilities, and a host of other ways to resolve problems and stay away from trouble.

For all the advice and information we provide, not every couple makes a diligent effort to practice the principles that will strengthen their marriage. Even for some couples who do put our advice into practice, they still face obstacles they can’t conquer, have trouble forming new habits, or simply can’t find it in themselves to rebuild lost trust or affection.