It’s one of the oldest adages in the book - one you’ve probably heard time and time again from magazines, relatives, TV shows – you name it. It’s been a common saying for such a long time, it’s practically the first thing on people’s minds when they hear the phrase “marriage advice.”

Most couples argue from time to time, but unhealthy methods of disagreeing with your spouse usually end up causing even more trouble. In this video, Dana sits down with a couple to talk about "fighting smart" - knowing when your temper is getting the best of you, knowing when to keep your mouth shut, and being able to set issues aside until you've both had a chance to cool off.

The story isn’t hard to imagine… One spouse works a demanding, high-paying job that requires lots of travel, lots of hotel stays, lots of meeting new people – while the other is back at home, likely dealing with household and family responsibilities, working a lower paying job (or not at all)… And all the while, they are growing further and further apart, the likelihood of an affair is multiplying, and neither of them knows how to address the problem.

While big problems like affairs and major life changes are serious threats to the stability of marriages, there are also bad habits and mistakes that can cause the connection between spouses to erode, and eventually lead to major issues in the relationship. Sometimes, these things happen so gradually, it takes things getting to the brink of collapse before we notice what we’ve been doing wrong all along.

Domestic maintenance isn’t necessarily an enjoyable thing. Even if you like the results – a clean bathroom, clean clothes to wear, a well-kept lawn – the actual process of getting these things in order can be boring, feel like drudgery, and is awfully easy to neglect. But if you don’t do it, someone else has to.

When you’re struggling in a marriage, it’s perfectly normal to think in terms of direct fixes, of night and day changes in your situation, when in reality relationships don’t change that instantaneously. And while it may be frustrating to hear, the answers to specific “what should I do” questions are often much, much broader than

When we’re faced with a frustrating situation in our marriage, one of the most difficult components – sometimes even more challenging than the source of the frustration itself – is feeling like we don’t even know how to approach solving the problem. One of our subscribers recently sent over a question about how to approach

Are you feeling mistreated and unappreciated by your husband? Is he being rude and disrespectful? Even though he is behaving in appropriately, it doesn't mean that's' the way it always has to be. People can change and do change all the time but they need to know how. Here are three powerful videos from Dr.

Building a romantic relationship almost always begins with having something in common, whether it’s taste in music, a favorite restaurant, a movie you both recently saw – there’s got to be something to spark a conversation. As you grow closer, you likely find more and more opinions you share, things you enjoy doing together, places

Trust is hard to earn, but it’s even harder to earn back once it’s been betrayed. When an affair or other major violation of trust happens in a marriage, one of the most difficult things to navigate is how to rebuild that lost confidence. However difficult it may be, though, it’s not impossible! First, let’s