The holiday season – that stretch of time from Thanksgiving through Christmas and the New Year – is often seen as a time for family and togetherness. In many cases, this is true! We may have more time off work, family in town for a visit, traditions and gatherings that help us connect with our

Of all the things that can threaten marriages, unpredictability is one of the worst. It can come in many forms, from mental health problems to addiction, anger issues to basic dishonesty – but they all boil down to inconsistency and unpredictability. When you don’t know what to expect from day to day or moment to

Many marital problems stem from one member of the couple “checking out” of the relationship. This is sometimes referred to as “falling out of love,” and it can go unnoticed or unaddressed all too easily. It may be related to specific issues within the marriage, but it can also be a byproduct of not putting

Could ADD be to blame for your marriage woes? When we think about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), we often associate it with young people, namely rambunctious kids, and largely overlook the number of adults who live with ADD every day – many of them undiagnosed. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of ADD can have a

Do you consider yourself unhappy? A term like “unhappiness” is broad… We know what it feels like, but do we always know why? Or, to take it even further – when we think we know the cause of our unhappiness, how often are we 100% correct? In many cases, unhappiness seems bigger than one single

It’s perfectly natural for marriages to go through ups and downs over time. There will be periods of excitement and passion, and there will also be periods when the relationship seems to lull – and things settle into a routine that isn’t particularly eventful. While these cycles are normal, if the “down” times start to

In the world of mental health, amateur diagnosis runs rampant. We often use terms unwittingly to describe emotional ups and downs, even if they are supposed to be reserved for very real mental health issues - and in doing so, we blur the lines between relatively “normal” difficulties and real, diagnosable mental illnesses. On the

In our last post, we looked at six often unspoken elements that are critical to a man’s happiness in a marriage. Today, we’ll be looking at the second half of our list. Remember, these factors are likely important to all people – and every individual has their own priorities and needs in relationship. The items

It may be a stereotype, but there’s some truth to the idea that men typically aren’t very forthcoming with their emotions. As much as we try to teach couples the importance of communicating openly, and that speaking about problems is better than bottling them up… Many men still have trouble in that department, and won’t

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