Our lives are absolutely saturated with technology, from the email inbox at work to the smartphone in your pocket, Netflix on every device imaginable, new levels to beat in your favorite video game… It’s all too easy (and common) to get absorbed into this digital world, and it isn’t even always for entertainment or distraction.

Sometimes dads are hard to read… They can be tough to get gifts for, tough to show appreciation for, and depending on the man, they can even be difficult to open up to. Even for the friendliest, most open and loving dads, it can still be a challenge to find the right present – so

The idea of creating happiness is a bit of a tough cookie… On one hand, we all need to be responsible for our own moods and thoughts. It’s up to each and every one of us to take control and find the elements that make up our unique, individual happiness. On the other hand, we

With the sun shining and the grill cooking, summer afternoons are some of the most enjoyable times of the year. Spending time with friends and family (especially your spouse) with no agenda but good times and building connection is a luxury of free days and beautiful weather. A way to make it even more fun?

The weather just keeps on getting better! The days grow longer, the air gets warmer, and all the while, you have numerous opportunities to spend quality time connecting with your spouse. Here are a few ideas for great dates this May: 1. Nature Hike With spring in the air, it’s one of the best times

Metaphor can help us gain new perspective on things. Seeing things in a different light (or with a different understanding) can be critical to making better choices, getting a “bigger picture,” and unlocking potential. With that in mind, April 22nd marks Earth Day each year – and it presents couples with dual opportunity to help

Every year, people across the globe celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. On this day, activists and concerned citizens spread awareness about the importance of preserving our natural environment, protecting the earth from pollution and damage, and the little things we can all do to help keep the planet in good shape! Small efforts can

In the previous post, we looked at a few ways couples can reconnect after a gradual drift apart. This kind of divide can happen for range of reasons, but most often, it’s because couples aren’t aware of it happening until it’s too late - because they aren’t actively participating in keeping their connection thriving. Today,

It’s only natural to have some ups and downs over the course of your marriage, but unfortunately, many couples start to settle into some of the “downs” after years together, taking their slowly withering marriage as a normal “settling,” and never putting the effort into rekindling their excitement for each other… While they may be

In our last entry, we listed some of the ways you can work toward rebuilding your connection to your spouse. These ongoing practices are relatively simple to build into your daily life, and will have big results on how you feel about each other. Today, we’re going over a few more tips for falling back