Divorce can wreak havoc on many parts of life. It’s expensive and time consuming, can drag up painful memories, cause bitter confrontation, bring about financial ruin, damage friendships, and of course, lead to chaos and confusion in the lives of the children whose parents are splitting. But just how severely are these kids affected? We

Perhaps you’ve heard before that January is “divorce month” – and it’s true! Statistically speaking, the beginning of the year sees a huge spike in divorce filings, and many attorneys report the same experience. Why January? Well, one of the largest possible reasons can be found in the stress of the holidays – and in

Is the dissolution of a romantic relationship harder on men or women? It’s hard to say exactly who has it “worse,” but there’s evidence to suggest that men take divorce especially hard. A recent study published by the Journal of Men’s Health showed that recently divorced men were much more likely to engage in drug

In our final installment of this series, we’ll examine three more problems that can mean catastrophe for your marriage – IF they are allowed to continue unchecked. These are the types of issues that many couples simply accept as “normal,” and allow them to chip away at the quality of the relationship without taking steps

Continuing our series from last time, today we’ll be looking at 3 more marriage problems that could spell big trouble for the longevity of your relationship. These issues are NOT a guarantee that your marriage will fail, but left unaddressed, they could be disastrous. We’re covering these things to offer you a warning… If these

Studies show that women initiate divorce more often than men, and one of the most common reasons cited for leaving the marriage might surprise you – and come as a serious reality check. It’s not about money or infidelity, or even arguments. No, one of the most common reasons women decide to leave their marriages

We’ve all heard it a thousand times – from news outlets and friends, on TV shows and in magazines… A big myth that may have been true for a time, but has totally changed over the last 20 years… “50% of marriages end in divorce,” people say, perpetuating a statistic from the 1970s that simply

Divorce attorneys have an up close and personal look at the problems that ultimately tear couples apart. From experience with all kinds of cases, they tend to get an understanding of the most serious marital issues – and those same issues can be an indicator you’re at risk for divorce. As you go through this

Despite cultural paradigms of masculinity and all of the pressures we put on men (intentionally or not) to be tough, there’s plenty of emotion going on under the surface – even if he doesn’t show it. A big part of those emotional needs (and probably wrapped up in some influences that make men keep quiet

In the first entry of this series, we looked at 6 big mistakes you could be making in your marriage that are driving your husband away. Today, we’ll continue with 6 more – and these are just as important! It’s critical that you be aware of these things – even if they aren’t currently happening