Welcome to Part 2 of our series on signs that your marriage is healthy and strong. We’re looking at various qualities that show how good you’ve got it (but might be overlooking). These signs can also serve as warnings for things that may be missing from the relationship - and provide a place to start

Let’s talk about miscommunication… So many of the problems marriages face can be boiled down problems with how we talk to each other. We’re all guilty of it from time to time, whether that’s not speaking our mind and letting problems fester, letting emotions get the best of us and saying something hurtful, not staying

Everyone cultivates different types of relationships with the people around them. Some people maintain huge social circles and keep in close contact with them all. Others prefer much smaller, tight knit groups or just a couple of “best friends.” Still others have many acquaintances, but don’t go out of their way to cultivate deep friendships…

Things can get intense when you argue with your spouse. When things really hit the fan, emotions run hot, and in the throes of anger and frustration, it’s all too possible to say hurtful things, insult your spouse, or worse… Say something so awful that it haunts you from that moment on. Even when such

Let’s face a simple truth: men and women often have very different communication styles. From the words they choose to the details they find most important, the inflection they choose to the sheer amount of words spoken – there’s a divide between the sexes that, well, most of us are probably painfully aware of. …And

State of mind is important. We’ve covered time and time again that we are each responsible for our own moods, that the attitude we put out to others is likely the kind of attitude we’re going to receive, that simply how we think about the world affects how interact with it… What about expectation? In

For so many couples, regardless of how long they’ve been together, what they’ve been through, what their specific problems may be… There’s one common issue that runs through nearly every relationship… Something that can stand to be improved for pretty much every couple under the sun… Communication. That idea of openly talking about the good

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When tempers flare, it’s no good for anyone… And when “low boiling” anger is constant in a person’s day-to-day life, not only can those flares happen at any moment – the tension you don’t see is doing just as much damage. Before we get into what to do about anger in your marriage, let’s first

You’ve probably heard the phrase time and time again: “let’s just agree to disagree…” And sometimes that’s simply what you have to do when matters of opinion are being argued in circles, when you’re at work or with casual acquaintances and you don’t want to rock the boat or cause unnecessary tension… But in a