When we think of affairs, our minds usually jump to the worst case scenario – sordid, physical interactions that betray trust and tear apart families, moments of indiscretion that have huge, lasting consequences… But not all affairs are like this. In fact, some “affairs” don’t even include any physical contact at all – but can

“When I found out my wife was having an affair, I was completely devastated. When she said it was my fault, it hurt even worse.” Few things are more hurtful than discovering your spouse has been unfaithful, but this pain is made even worse when the blame is pointed toward you – the one who

Still reeling from an affair? Affairs are devastating to marriages – there’s simply no getting around that. Trust has been betrayed, any sense of “normalcy” has been disrupted, and perhaps worst of all… The people who were cheated on now have to face this haunting mental image of their spouse getting intimate with someone else.

A big internet scandal has been making headlines lately, as Ashley Madison – a site dedicated entirely to helping married and attached people set up affairs – had a massive security breach where hackers gathered the identities, addresses, preferences, and other sensitive, secure data of millions of members. The scandal, which threatens to expose tons

Concerns about infidelity plague many couples. People might be suspicious of their spouses, worry that trouble in the marriage might tempt their partner into looking elsewhere for affection, or be susceptible to falling into an affair themselves. Because this very painful potential exists, couples often wonder what conditions might make their partner cheat, or want

In the wake of an affair, you can’t help but feel betrayed. Your trust has been broken. You likely angry, feel lost and hopeless, and are coping with sadness, confusion, and a mix of conflicting emotions. And somewhere underneath all the hurt, there’s a question that you eventually have to ask yourself: Can you ever

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Recovering from infidelity is one of the most difficult challenges any relationship can face. For the person who was cheated on, it can seem all but impossible to regain trust, to get past the pain, and to even consider moving forward with the marriage.

So often, we (unconsciously) deal with pain by trying to show the other person what it felt like to be hurt – and we do so by acting hurtful. This doesn’t work… at all.

Men and women are pretty equally likely to be unfaithful, but because of the differences in the way their brains and bodies operate, the motivations aren’t always quite the same – and the warning signs can be even more “gender specific.”

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