A regular feature of our blog is Dr. Dana answering your questions. If you'd like your question answered, please comment below: Today's Question: We're Constantly Sniping At Each Other My husband and I don’t “fight,” but we are constantly sniping at each other and I’m tired of it. It’s like we just can’t be kind

It’s officially summer – and that means more opportunities for fun in the sun than any other time of year (and plenty of great things to do out of the sun, too)! To make the most of this great weather (or to find ways to beat the heat), make a point to spend some quality

We’re so used to seeing celebrities on the silver screen, seeing photos of our favorite actors and musicians strutting down the red carpet or wearing the latest fashion, it can be easy to forget that inside, behind all the glitz and glamour, they are people just like us! And part of this misconception about the

Question: "My wife and I have been fighting a lot lately because she keeps telling me that I take her for granted. While it is true that I am not as romantic as when we were first together, we have been married for 15 years now and I thought we were very comfortable with each

While arguments in marriages aren’t terribly uncommon, most people do their best to avoid them. This is, of course, a good idea most of the time, but it makes all the difference in the world HOW you are going about avoiding butting heads with your spouse. Avoiding fights by taking each other into consideration, remaining

We all know that men and women behave differently. Part of being husband and wife is getting to know the differences in the way you and your spouse express your needs and concerns, learning what is important to each other, and doing your best to master one another’s communication style. Many of the common stereotypes,

When couples argue, it is all to common for things to get blown out of proportion – for hurtful remarks to be made, old grudges brought up… Why is it so easy to get off topic, to argue about anything and everything other than the issue at hand? It has to do, in part, with

In a study published last year the Journal of Leisure Research, results showed that online gaming can have a negative impact on marriages. This comes as no surprise to most people, but the specifics are a little more interesting. This is especially prevalent in today’s age with smart phones streaming an endless source of distracting

A recent survey by the U.S. Travel Association has found that couples who travel together see significant benefits to the quality of their relationship – including improvements to their sex life. Traveling doesn’t have to mean that you go on an extravagant trip to Paris or a tropical island, it can also mean driving an

We all know the importance of intimacy in marriage – there is plenty of information out there about connecting both physically and emotionally, about how to build trust and communicate, about sharing your heart and soul with the one you love. Most of the time, though, this kind of advice deals with the heaviest and