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Video Transcript - Dr. Dana's Help to Get More Affection in Your Marriage

Hi, I’m Dr. Dana. Thanks for taking our survey! The results indicated that you may be feeling disconnected and that you desire more affection in your marriage. You’re not alone. So many couples come to counseling because they fear they are no longer in love with their partner or they fear that their partner may no longer be in love with them. This can result in a decrease in or even a complete lack of affection.

One of the first things I tell these couples is that falling out of love and back in again in a long-term relationship is normal. Even if you feel as if you’ve fallen “out of love” with your spouse, you can fall back in love and bring back the affection by investing in your marriage.

Research indicates that 86% of unhappily married couples that stay with and work on their marriage report being much happier later. They report higher satisfaction overall, increased affection and attention, an improved sex life and a powerful connection. In many cases, simply working on the relationship together builds an even stronger bond.

If you or your spouse believes you have fallen out of love, don’t despair. Start investing in each other, spending time together and connecting with each other to strengthen your relationship. Sit down with each other and honestly and openly talk. Go for a walk. Watch the sunset. Run errands together. Do something fun together and lighten up. Doing this can put you back on a path to a closer bond, an increased state of intimacy and stronger, healthier marriage.

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