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  1. helen provencal says:

    we have been married for going on 60 years in february 2012. we have 4 girls but are all married. we have grand children and great grandchildren. but we are fighting every day. y]it was nevber like that before only since we have gotten old. mu husband is 84 and very deaf in each ear. i am 78 and fairly well. we have both retired and not working again. i cannot work according to my doctor and ny husband is very oid to be working. but we cannot cummunicate between us, he says it is my voice but i know it isnt. i think it is his hearing and we cannot afford hearing aids. so i do not know what to do. he always insults me and watches the neighbors and suggests everything like they do not have a stove to cook on when he doesnt even know them. we go to the store like walmart and he talks to other women but he bever talks to me, when we beganto talk about something[everything[ it winds up in a fight. he says i spend all the moneybut i dont we go shopping folr groceries and her forgets what we buy. he used to do the cooking when he was younger and now he majkes his own choice like putting chicken with elbows and spaghetti sauce with carrots and peas and i do not like it that way. he will never let me do the cooking because when i do he will not eat. so what am i supposed to do i have had enough and it is too late to get a divorce, so please help me and advise me what to. beside he is a full retired military man he is always talking about military and i think that is all he knows. i think it is an impossible time for me i get so mad at him and he is always mad at me so that is why we fight all the time so what can we do please help me ok thank you helen provencal

  2. I think was really helpful. At this moment, my marriage for almost 20 years has a separation of 2 years. The only communications is trough emails.
    It is sad, it gave a little of hope, what you said in the first email, of the periods of loss connections.
    I just don't know how to give the first step. I have always given it. I might be waiting for him to at least show something to step up.
    Thank you, very much for the videos. Can I forward them to 2 friends that are in the same boat that I am into?

  3. Winnie Villano says:

    I love to fixed our marriage but is not me, its my husband he dont have desire and feelings @ me he he was in love with other woman and desire to become rich.My ex (Edgardo Villano) is no longer living with me.I love to hear more your program but hurts me coz how would i apply my husband no longer with me and he dont like to talk to me.thats all for now.

  4. Joan Young says:

    What do you do when your spouse do want to have sex with you any longer, he prefer his play station (53), fishing and play with his dog. Again i'm not in the equation, can you help.

  5. Hey joan, my husband left me and made another home with other women but he started coming back around now but he told me i have his heart but he want to be there with her, so do i need to let go until he find out where he want to be, help me please i dont know what to do.

  6. I have been married since February 8 2015,
    I don't want to talk to my husband anymore. I feel disregarded in the marriage I am just lonely

  7. I need an advice on what to do?im been married for 4 years now, my husband is divorce To a Chinese ex they got 2 boys who he have a custody, my problem is that I'm the one taking care of them but they just mean and rude always making fun about my English or humiliate me in public,my husband not disciplining them that's why it happened everyday, we always fighting about them coz he always defend them, I feel that he only married me for slaving around to his kids, I'm so tired about my situation and I don't know what to do especially I don't have family,money and education and I don't want to drag my daughter again to the shelter, my husband told me that I don't have a choice that I have to take care of his kids, I'm really tired of the drama and his kids who is rude and mean to me, and it's really affecting me and my daughter, I ldont know what to do and very hopeless of what to do, and dealing with his mother in law who attacked me and my daughter bcoz my husband is bitching about me when I'm telling him about my frustration of his kids,,, pls pls help me

  8. I have only been married for 9 months and my husband and I have been arguing alot I have said some stuff and only comes home when wants to. He has not been living with for about 3 weeks now. What should I do?

  9. I'll give you one. My wife of 21 years, divorced me yesterday. She actually claimed that she was making the hard choice. The easy choice, to her, would have been to commit to a long process of reconciliation where accountability, transparency and honesty would have been present. I lost my family, wife and 4 kids yesterday. While I have greatly contributed to the breakup, I was the one desparately seeking to reunite. I hate life. I am alone and will probably die alone.

    • Mike_Olsen_SMN says:

      Hi Van, for her, it was a hard choice. I'm sure she still cares about you, and desires the family to be together. I'm sorry it didn't work out of you both, but I hope you see what led to where you are in order to give your next relationship s better chance.

  10. Hello,I've been marked 28 yrs. My husband and I are having marriage problems.We have issues of trust, communication, with holding fiance information and how all money is spent.He makes decision that effect family in a negative way making us to struggle with the consequences. I have always tried to pull things together or rescue the situation and now I've just plain had it.He has been very self center for the most part my whole marriage and I've tried telling him how I feel. We have also had deaths in family and my mother is sick with Cancer.I thought that we could pull together during this time but it hasn't happened.My husband doesn't even care for my mother and at times he has been rude.My husband rarely connects with me when we have problem and will at times of heated conflict he will give me the silent treatment for days. When he gets what he wants in the relationship he will finally come around.We have been having problems off and on for years,but the last 21 months have been challenging to me.I have finally stood up to him and his emotional and mental abuse but he still seems to do his own thing and the void been us is crushing to me.He doesn't come to me to try and work things out and he says I'm the problem.I feel depressed and helpless I feel I'm more willing to work on this then him and most of what his been the problem was things that he has done or not choose to do.I admit I am not perfect and have made mistakes in the past.I have been very codependent in the past and realize I have to let go. I often wonder does he really know how I feel or does he care too much about what he wants.I can't live this way anymore and we have two children ages 12 and soon to be 18. Waiting on a hope or a prayer.

  11. Hafa Adai! Me and my husband are newly married about 5months now and weve been having problem with our blended extended family situatuon. I have a 7 years old son. From previous relationship and he has a 12years old son from his previous marriage too. Ever since his ex.wife left him and his son. He raised his son alone. Though his ex wife invites his son occasionally. His exwife got pregnant with the boyfriend a year after their divorce. remarry after five years now have 2 children from different man. My husband never bother her. Now that my husband marry me. She want her son to her. So to have no problem we split it equaly every other week to her. and now newly married. We are still in the adjustment period. Im strugling for his exwife calling her not only for their sons interest but also to even ask my husbands opinion if she will sell her car or not. She have a husband why cant she call him instead? From the beggining we never liked each other. Before i came living with my husband she emailed me bad things. We dont even smile to each other even we are an inch apart when theres activities for my husbands son. She even call my husband on our wedding night telling him she needs to talk to him somewhere without me and its very important. And so my husband left me in our room and go to her ex.wife. She always calls my husband anytime she want. In the middle of the night when me and my husband sleeping or earlier in the morning and again using their son as a reason. She calls him every single day. Im newly married and still building my own family and for me she keep intruding. Am i wrong to feel that? Am i wrong to complain?

    • Mike_Olsen_SMN says:

      Hi VeNice, your husband and your ex will always have a connection through your son, so while her needing to talk to him is not unusual, perhaps you can talk to your husband about setting boundaries. She is welcome to call during the day, for instance, but not in the evening when unless it's an emergency. https://strongmarriagenow.com/coursedetails/stop-fighting-system/?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Organic&utm_term=Communication&utm_campaign=CommunicationLaunch

      • Unfortunately she calls even just to ask something even not about their son. She calls my husband if she have problem with her new husband or her family or just to simply chit chat and she knows i get irritated by that so in addition she always put something in her fb timeline to make me more mad and also email me harsh words.to the extent that making me feel they still cherish each other. I talk about that boundaries but he doesnt want to listen. In addition since i stop working to watch our newborn and the kids, so he is the one spending for my own sons need and he keeps complaining to me everytime he spend something foe him. Doesnt even want my son using aircon and heater cause the power will go high while his son can freely acces to anything int he house including the things i mentioned. He even complain me and my son been deinking alot of filtered water and his complaining he keeps buying it. He always murmur to me he is feeding me and my own son. Its frustrating. I really wanted to go back work but i have nobody here to watch my newborn. And he doesnt want to send the baby to daycare for he is too young. And to his ex wife he keeps inviting my husband to any events or party to the note that never bring me with him. I wonder what they are doing at night when they meet up.

        • Mike_Olsen_SMN says:

          It sounds like you both have issues that run deeper than the Ex, and she is a symptom, not the source. If you are a family, then your 'work' as a stay at home mom is just as valuable as his. You save income by watching the children, preparing meals, etc. That has worth, and you both need to discuss your finances together, because you both 'work' to make that money. It is his AND yours to spend as you both agree to. https://strongmarriagenow.com/5-common-fights-stop/

  12. Carey Nicosia Peyatt says:

    Hi me and my husband have been married for 8 years and together for 12 years we have been fighting a lot we have 3 kids 6 4 and 3 we fight over money bills the kids and because I don't fill like have sex every night I do love him a lot and don't want to lose him and last night we argued again and he actually accused me of having a boyfriend and I don't I am a stay at home mom since 2013 that's when the fighting started I just don't no what to do he holds everything in and then explodes on me like I no he Is a little depressed cause 4 years ago right after I had my son his mom passed away and it was heard on him cause she was the only one he could talk to when he needed to and his dad and other family r not around and I no that takes a told on him a lot cause his dad lives 10 mins away and don't even come to visit or if we go there he isn't home or leaving and I no it bothers him a lot cause he sees that my dad is here for me even tho he lives 3000 miles away and my mom is always there and my other family I just want to save my marriage I no he loves me and I love him I just don't no how to stop the arguing all the time

  13. Rochelle Means says:

    I just found this site and I am completely blown away.... all of the topics are so where my husband and I are right now in our marriage, it's almost as though there was a mic in our house. I'm excited to start this process and be positive about the results.

  14. Way wife is having an affaire and now that I know about it I've found out it been going on since Nov 2013 and she says she not leaving him and she don't love me or have any feeling for me anymore. Can stop this and reverse her feelings . we still live toughter

    • Going through something very similar and my advice is this she loved you at one time and inside she still has it if you really want your marriage and her to love you don't push and try to remember what you were like to make her fall for you my wife and I still live together to we have 3 kids but for 2 months now I've have been making her fall back in love with me after 18 years it's hard and not alot of people to talk to so I'm alone on this but if she wants him (my wife) she will take care of him while he's in the hospital(last resort ) just remember this let her make the choice to tell you to leave or her to leave so the regret is on her you just give all you can and you will know when it is time for you to walk away knowing you gave it all you had well I could talk for ever but I hope it helps you it helps me to just talk to some one good luck chris!

  15. Hi! I have been married for 20 years. The only problem I have is when my husband gets angry, he screams and says things like..I hate you...I don't want to be in this house.... These things really make me feel so bad. I feel extremely sad. Sometimes, I feel like walking out. I feel so disconnected to him.
    What do I do?

  16. been married 20 yrs he is a wonderful man we both did drugs in the beginning and gave it all up about ten years ago we were both jelouse and accusing so it wasn't worth it gave up the people also well he became unable to work so I picked up 3 jobs one of my jobs had ice so I occasionaly did it for a boost so he cought me and it was the end of the world for him because hes unable to work and feels he has nothing,,i do not have a addicted nature so I could take it or leave it I honestly don't think hes ever thought good of me besides being a good provider he thinks im a cheat drug addict and liar and pretty much always has I have never been ok with the way I think e truly feels about me and its made me not like him anymore we don't no where to start cuz I cant show effection especially to someone who thinks so badly of me
    any advise

  17. Albi, Hi I have been married for 1year. My wife and her 14 year old son left 1month ago. She said I made her son nervous. That I was hateful and bitter. He has never been corrected and I thought I was helping him to become a young man. He has always had things handed to him and I was giving him responsible. And not just handing things to him he didn't like that and caused her to leave. What can I do to get my family back? I'm lost without them. I love them both with all my heart!

  18. Hi,we have been in a relationship for 14yrs , we got married in 2011, we had a child before we married. Now we've had two more so now together ther they are three.
    Since we got married my husband has been cheating on me, this started the very first year and had been so till now.
    I have done every thing to still pretend every thing is ok to save the marraige, although i'm hurting with his actions. After our last whiles i was pregnant withe the last child,i realise he has impregnant another woman. Now they are no more and he is going out with ahnother woman again. He is not making love to me,when i'm around him i feel like i'm invisible. He plays with the children but when i come in he frowns.
    I have done nothing to him, all i have done is to marry this man and have children with him.
    When i try to talk about the situation,he makes me feel i am imagining things,is my heard,he hasn't done any thing to me,i'm alwasy thinking bad for him etc. but he really doing it so plain that idon't need a second person to tell me. The way he is treating me and still lairing about it is really worrying.
    He hasn't been a husband to me, but he take care of us,but that is not all marriage is about. He don't care about me,asking other girl for sex when i'm on the same bed with him every night.
    I love my husband and i want this to work also for the children.
    I have suffered too much in this marriege.
    He behave like he can do anything but i shldn't talk,so far as i have not caught him red handered then i don't have prove. Even after the child he want to have out side.

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